About us

Get inspired and get going! That is our motto for life and business. Rokkee Sports EqLogo R edited about usuipment is a cutting-edge company which has a focus on top quality products for the customers. We are environmentally friendly company that uses the latest technology to produce our products in a way that leaves as small carbon footprint as possible. We want the next generations to enjoy this beautiful earth and outdoor sports just as much as we do now.

We are also obsessed with your wellbeing and health. Thus, we only offer products that deliver the best results for you. Our focus is on usability, comfort, functionality, highest quality available and actual benefit for your health.

The company was founded in 2015 and we have an office in Clearwater, Florida. Our products are sold in the US markets at the moment, but we are becoming a global brand very fast. Like our motto, we have been inspired and got going.

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