What our customers are saying about the three-strap-system knee support

It’s very comfortable and yet supportive. I broke my knee some years ago (overextended) and I still worry a little about it doing to same when I engage in sports. With this knee support I feel very confident and my knee feels solid for even playing Tennis at full effort. I tried a few others that either didn’t really do much or were too bulky and restrictive. I’m glad I found the Rokkee knee support. My active life got a boost with it.

Sam Laine Customer

This knee brace is awesome and helpful. My knee has been giving me multiple problems, this has helped me tremendously. It fit so well, and my knee felt very secure in it. Premium material stretches in all directions to provide the best possible comfort and fit. It has helped me so much, it works so great. I was able to run without hurting, and soon it began to help me walk ten times better. I received this at a discounted price for my honest opinion.

SouthernMomma Customer

This knee brace fits my daughter well and provides her support after a slight injury that was causing her knee to give out from under her. It’s allowing her to go up and down the stairs easily and also helping with other activities. It is well designed and well constructed of a neoprene material that allows a little stretch for easy movement while still providing the stability.

This is one size fits all from 13 inch to 18 inch but on a smaller size there can be some excess length on straps. Similarly, I find that the straps are a little too short for my knee which is on the larger side and sometimes open up as I am about to sit down. But this is typical of any one size fits all knee brace. So overall, I would recommend this knee brace especially for smaller sizes. It has less bulk than some others I’ve tried and is more lightweight so easier to use.

ZenWoman Customer

This is the best, most comfortable knee supporting pad I have ever worn. I don’t even feel like I have anything on. I also liked how it supports my knee while I am working out. Great product!

HullDi Customer

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